Bay Clinic Hair Restoration Program – 12 sessions

SGD 5,500.00


Calecim Advanced Hair serum is applied to areas of hair loss with gentle microneedling. Next, hair growth is further stimulated with low level laser therapy (LLLT) using a Dermalux LED system. Microneedling with application of Calecim Advanced Hair serum and LLLT act in combination to promote hair growth by increasing blood flow, stimulating cellular activity in hair follicle stem cells and reducing inflammation.


This is suitable for early to moderate stages of hair loss where viable hair follicles can be stimulated, with hair density increasing 20-30% after a course of treatment. Advanced cases of hair loss is unlikely to respond well to the treatment due to insufficient viable hair follicles. Treatment interval between treatments should be 1-2 weeks, which can be extended to 2-3 month intervals for maintenance once a good result has been achieved

Additional Information

In Clinic treatments allow for more  targeted treatment of hair loss areas, microneedling will be performed by trained staff, can be combined with laser hair regrowth treatment = more effective


Hair loss is a long term medical condition. Seek professional medical consultation for an accurate diagnosis and personalised treatment plan. Results may vary between individuals.



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