SecretRF Face – 3 sessions

SGD 3,000.00


SecretDUO is the latest upgrade on the well known SecretRF treatment- combining two technologies- Radiofrequency Microneedling “RF Microneedling” with a 1540nm non ablative Erbium Glass laser. A treatment has two parts- RF microneedling is first performed to stimulate collagen production in the deeper skin layer, followed by laser skin tightening of the superficial skin. Together, the two treatments combine to provide an effective, no downtime treatment for a variety of skin concerns such as: acne scars, pores, loose skin, facial sagging, fine lines, eye bags, cellulite and stretch marks1,2.


During the process of RF microneedling, fine gold tipped needles are passed through the skin and emit radiofrequency energy, which triggers a controlled wound healing process that stimulates collagen and elastin production in the deeper layer of the skin. Next, the 1540nm non ablative Erbium Glass laser generates columns of heat in the superficial layer of the skin- causing existing collagen to contract to give a skin tightening effect. Throughout the process, the surface layer of the skin known as the epithelium is spared, leading to a quicker recovery process and lower risk of complications.

Additional Information

SecretDUO treatments are effective, with clients seeing results after 3-5 sessions.

Treatments are quick (~15-30minutes) and involve minimal downtime, which is ideal for the working professionals based around the Marina Bay Financial Center.

It is safe with a very low risk of complications such as infection, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation or herpes reactivation. Safe for all skin types including darker skin tones1,2.

Treatments are typically well tolerated with topical anaesthetic

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