Bot0x- A Popular Wrinkle Treatment in Singapore

Bot0x has firmly established itself as a popular and highly sought-after wrinkle treatment in Singapore, offering a solution to the battle against ageing skin. With its proven efficacy and minimally invasive nature, Bot0x has become a go-to option for those looking to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

What is Bot0x?

To be precise, Bot0x is a brand of Neurotoxin. In Singapore, three brands of Neurotoxins have received approval for cosmetic use- Bot0x® (onabotulinumtoxinA, Allergan Aesthetics), Dysport® (abobotulinumtoxinA, Ipsen/Galderma) and Xeomin® (incobotulinumtoxinA, MERZ Aesthetics). Neurotoxins (“Bot0x”) are derived from purified proteins from the Cloistridium Botulinium bacteria. First approved by the US FDA for medical use in 1989, Bot0x works by weakening selected muscles by blocking nerve transmission. In Dermatology, Bot0x treatment is used for treating dynamic wrinkles of the face and neck, such as forehead, glabellar and crows feet. Bot0x can also be used to achieve a slimmer looking face in individuals with masseter hypertrophy (square jaw) and tighten the skin along the jawline (“Nerfertiti Lift”). Bot0x can be also used for body contouring- to slim down large calf or shoulder muscles. Bot0x is used for the medical treatment of hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of palms and armpit), bruxism (teeth grinding), Temporomandibular joint disorders, muscular spasms, migraines and squints.

How does Bot0x work?

Neurotoxins binds to the nerve and preventing release of signals to the muscle, thereby causing weakening of the target muscle group. Dynamic wrinkles are formed due to overactive facial muscle movements, and over time develop into static wrinkles (fixed lines)- giving the face aged look. Targeted treatment of these overactive facial muscles can reduce the formation of wrinkles and delay the progression of skin aging.

Results from a Bot0x treatment can be appreciated in 1-2 weeks and lasts for up to 4-6 months.

Long term Bot0x use delays skin aging- as evidenced in the photos below from a well known study1 published in 2006 where two identical twins were followed up for 13 years- one twin underwent regular Bot0x treatments and the other did not. The twin who had regular treatments had better skin quality and less wrinkles compared to the one who did not.

Experience bespoke and Personalised care at Bay Aesthetics Clinic

At Bay Aesthetics Clinic, we embrace a “less is more” philosophy, prioritizing a personalized approach to anti-wrinkle treatments for a natural look, steering clear of the “frozen” appearance. Our goal is to reduce wrinkles by 50-70%, preserving your natural expressions.

During the consultation, we’ll discuss the benefits and considerations to help you make an informed decision.
Our transparent pricing for anti-wrinkle treatments is $180 nett per area, inclusive of a complimentary touch-up within 2 weeks during the review. Experience tailored and competitive treatments at Bay Aesthetics Clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Bot0x treatment takes 10-15 minutes
No downtime and clients can return to normal activity right away. There will be small bumps at injection points which resolve within 2-3 days.
Results can be appreciated 1-2 weeks after the treatment and last for 3-4 months. Clients typically return for treatments every 4-6 months.
Bot0x treatment can delay worsening of static wrinkles. For best results, combination treatment with fillers or radiofrequency microneedling would be recommended.
Most clinics charge per area treated or by the number of units of bot0x used during the treatment. Take note of the different brands of botulinium neurotoxins available in the market, original Bot0x (by Allergan), Dysp0rt, and Xe0min. These brands may have different prices per unit.
Bot0x injection is a medical treatment that can be only performed by a licensed and credentialed medical professional- avoid home based illegal beauticians!
No, there are certain contraindications to the treatment such as neuromuscular junction diseases, allergy, pregnancy and lactation. Your provider should perform a detailed assessment of your medical history.
Side effects are rare when performed by an experienced medical professional but do occasionally happen- including eyebrow drooping, eyelid drooping, facial asymmetry and “frozen” smile.
Results can be seen in 1-2 weeks and last for 3-4 months
Yes! With a 20 year track record and millions of treatments performed worldwide, Bot0x has a strong safety record.
Common treatment areas include dynamic wrinkles of the forehead (forehead lines), glabellar (frown lines), crows feet, chin (dimpling of chin), masseter (square jaw, bruxism)
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