What is Lifeviz 3D Camera?

Lifeviz 3D Camera is an advanced Aesthetic imaging platform developed by QuantifiCare (France). With over 20 years of background in digital imaging for clinical trials and computer science, QuantifiCare developed an imaging platform catered for Medical Aesthetics, Dermatology and Plastic Surgery- The Lifeviz 3D Camera.

How does the Lifeviz 3D Camera work?

The process is simple- 4 photos of a client are taken from different angles. Using advanced software, the images are processed into a 3 dimensional model. Using proprietary software, skin analysis is performed to document pigmentation, vascular, lines, pores, evenness and oiliness. Facial measurements are objectively documented to optimise treatment planning. Before and after photographs can be compared to show changes in facial lifting, volume and skin quality.

Why choose Lifeviz 3D Camera?

Photography is essential in the field of Medical Aesthetics, allowing practitioners to educate clients and track progress. With multiple cutting-edge features, the Lifeviz 3D Camera captures much more than standard photographs. This allows for greater education and transparency in the consultation process, resulting in more trust between provider and client.

Bay Aesthetics Clinic is the first clinic in Singapore to use the latest model- the Lifeviz 3D Mini Pro. This device is integrated into our consultation process and is provided free of charge to clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

4 photos are taken from different angles in less than a minute
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