Dr Hoe Ying Min

Medical Director

Dr. Hoe Ying Min graduated from the National University of Singapore, with a Bachelors of Medicine, Bachelors of Surgery and Bachelors of Medical Science. Dr Hoe holds a graduate diploma in aesthetic medicine with the American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (AAAM) and is certified by the Ministry of Health’s accredited bodies under the Singapore Medical Council’s Aesthetics Dermatology Education Group for various aesthetics procedures.

A Keen Eye For Anatomy

Dr Hoe stays on top of advancements in this rapidly evolving field of aesthetics by regularly attending conferences and workshops. She has also several research publications in leading medical journals. Passionate about beauty since her medical school years, Dr Hoe’s interests in reconstructive surgery and facial plastics had led to electives with esteemed Singaporean and Korean facial plastic surgeons. After graduation, Dr Hoe practiced surgery in various public hospitals and was able to hone her surgical skills and develop a keen eye for anatomy.

Having several years of experience in aesthetic medicine, Dr Hoe is proficient in a broad range of aesthetic procedures ranging from lasers, chemical  peels, botulinum toxin injections, fillers, acne scar treatments,  non-surgical skin tightening, hair removal, body contouring and skincare.

Quality of Life

Dr Hoe strongly believes that physical and emotional wellness come hand in hand and a radiant and youthful appearance can have a significant impact on one’s quality of life. She strives to deliver the best results for her patients through a thorough assessment of the patient’s requirements, steady and gentle hands and an astute eye for beauty. At the same time, she adopts a less is more approach that aims to leave patients with a natural and elegant look.

In her free time, Dr Hoe enjoys the company of her furry companions, Chanel the maltipoo, Coco the goldendoodle, Gucci the Old English Sheepdog, Dior the ragdoll, Birkin the British Short Hair, Tiffany the ragdoll. She leads an active lifestyle and loves spin, tennis and hiking. Dr Hoe also holds a ABRSM piano diploma and enjoys playing the piano and singing.

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