"Snow White" Serum Infusion- Needleless skinbooster for skin brightening and hydration!

Using Dermo-Electro-Poration (DEP) technology, the "Snow White" serum containing hyaluronic acid, PDRN, antioxidants and minerals is gently infused into the skin, hydrating and firming up the skin instantly for a "Glass Skin" effect, an instant glow-up with zero downtime! This treatment pairs well with Hydrafacial, BBL HERO, PicoSure Laser and MOXI Laser- providing a boost of hydration and soothing the skin after a laser treatment!

DEP (DermoElectroPoration) System non-invasive transdermal drug delivery system for needle-less skinbooster infusion

How it works:

DEP increases the skin’s permeability , using a controlled current to open water based channels DEP has been FDA approved for the “local administration of ionic drug solutions into the body for medical purposes and can be used as an alternative to injections“.

Features of DEP:

• Homogeneous drug delivered on the selected area.
• Real time control on the amount of drug to delivered.
• Real time patient’s skin impedance measurement for successful drug delivery.
• Drug administration in a timely manner to avoid waste of product with 100% protection against external agents.
• No Electrolysis effect – No drug PH modification
• No need of Pre-charged compounds/ Carrying Gels/ specific products or particular preparations.

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