What is BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针)?

BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) is an injectible skinbooster treatment consisting of Polynucleotides (PN) derived from Salmon DNA. It is used to rejuvenate aged and damaged skin and restore radiant skin. It can also treat acne scars, fine lines, enlarged pores and dark eye circles.

How does BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) work?

PN is biocompatible when injected into the skin and does not trigger an immune response. PN is the building block of DNA- allowing damaged skin to repair itself at a cellular level.

Benefits of BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) include: skin rejuvenation, skin tightening, improved skin hydration and texture, reduced inflammation, reduced fine lines, reduced sebum production and smaller pore size

Why choose BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针)?

BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) is an anti aging treatment that repairs and heals damaged skin cells and reverses signs of aging to keep the skin young and healthy.

BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) be combined with Hyaluronic acid skinboosters for an even better effect- this is part of our “Bay Glow Skinbooster” protocol.

There are 3 forms of BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) available- BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) Healer (2mls), BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) S (1ml) which is specifically for acne scars, BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) I (1ml) which is specifically for treating dark eye circles.

Benefits of BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) Skin Boosters

Improve skin hydration and glow

Reduce pore size and oil production

Increase skin collagen and elastin

Improve skin texture and tone

What Conditions Can BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) Effectively Address?

Acne– Active acne, post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, acne scars, open pores

Aging skin– fine lines, dehydration and dullness

Pigmentation– Uneven skin tone, sun damage 

Price of BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) Healer

$600 per syringe (2ml)

$1500 for package of 3 syringes

Frequently Asked Questions

A BayJuran (Polynucleotide 婴儿针) treatment takes 10-15 minutes. Topical anaesthetic will be applied beforehand for 15-20 minutes.
No downtime and clients can return to normal activity right away. There will be mild swelling at injection areas which resolve within 2-3 days.
Initially 3-4 treatments a month apart is recommended, followed by maintenance treatment every 6 months.
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