Sciton BBL HERO "Forever Young BBL"

Broad Band Light High Energy Rapid Output (“BBL HERO”) is a US FDA approved treatment developed and trademarked by Sciton Inc (USA). This next generation device delivers intense pulsed light energy to address a wide range of skin concerns, including skin rejuvenation, pigmentation, sun damage, loose skin, redness, acne and hair removal. In a study conducted at Stanford University, BBL treatment restored the gene expression pattern of aged human skin to resemble young skin, showing that rejuvenation occurred at a cellular level. Enthusiasts of BBL HERO treatments include celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who recently shared her experience with the treatment on her social media and in an interview where her doctor descrived BBL HERO as "the closest thing we have right now to a fountain of youth because your skin, on a histological cellular level, is going backwards in time"

How does BBL HERO work?


Treatment protocols include:

Forever Young BBL: Anti-ageing, skin rejuvenation, sun damage and pigmentation

Forever Clear BBL: Active acne, red/brown acne marks

Forever Bare BBL: Permanent hair removal

Skintyte BBL: Sagging and loose skin

Treatments are customised to the client’s skin type, treatment area and skin concern.
Patients with skin types 1-5 can undergo treatment of their face, neck, chest, limbs and body.

BBL HERO at Bay Aesthetics Clinic

The original BBL (“BBL Classic”) developed by Sciton has been in use for over 10 years with a strong following. The BBL HERO represents a significant upgrade- with faster treatment times and higher energy outputs which translate into improved clinical outcomes.

BBL treatments are quick (~15-20minutes) and no downtime, and can be combined with other treatments such as Hydrafacial, MOXI Laser or Ellanse.

BBL HERO is one of the most popular and commonly requested treatments at Bay Aesthetics Clinic, with a strong following and high patient satisfaction rate. A number of international patients fly in from around the region for BBL HERO treatments at Bay Aesthetics Clinic.

Dr Bernard Tan, Medical Director of Bay Aesthetics Clinic, was amongst the first local providers of Sciton’s BBL HERO and MOXI Laser. Having performed a high volume of treatments (over 10,000 treatments!), he has developed protocols that maximise results in asian skin types. In recognition of his expertise, he has been appointed Singapore’s International Key Opinion Leader and Trainer for BBL HERO and MOXI Laser as well as invited to Sciton Inc’s Luminary Program. To educate the next generation of BBL HERO and MOXI Laser users, Bay Aesthetics Clinics holds regular hands on laser workshops for medical professionals which have been well attended by local and international doctors.


Cheryl Chin shares her BBL HERO experience

Frequently Asked Questions

The BBL HERO treatment takes 15-20minutes, depending on the body area treated. A typical treatment course would be monthly sessions for 3-5 months, followed by maintenance treatments every 2-3 months
Skin will be mildly red and tight for a few days, similar to a mild sunburn. Pigmentations will darken and may gently flake off.
Clients are advised to avoid sun exposure for a week and to use post laser recovery skincare. Retinols, AHAs/BHAs and Vitamin C serums should be stopped for 3 days prior and 7 days after a treatment.
Clients with darker skin types (skin type 6) or with photosensitive conditions are not suitable
A BBL HERO treatment pairs well with a Moxi Laser treatment as well as a Hydrafacial treatment.
BBL HERO (Forever Young/Forever Clear) by therapist $180 BBL HERO (Forever Young/Forever Clear) by doctor $380 BBL HERO Forever Bare (Hair Removal)- varies by area treated
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