SculptSure Laser Lipolysis treatment on Abdomen

Treatment takes 30 minutes, with 25% of fat cells permanently destroyed in each treatment area Clients experience a warm, pricking sensation as the laser selectively heats up adipose tissue while cooling the skin After treatment, the area feels sore and is mildly swollen for a few days

SculpSure Laser Lipolysis (Fat Removal) Treatment Protocol

SculptSure is a Class 4 Laser and can only be operated by Medical Professionals (Doctors) in Medical Clinics

Clients interested in SculptSure treatments will need to undergo a detailed medical consultation where their medical history is reviewed and a physical examination performed. Clinical photography is taken which allows for treatment follow up. The risks and benefits of this treatment will be discussed and informed consent with financial counselling done before proceeding. After treatment, follow up review will be arranged.

At Bay Aesthetics Clinic, our team of medical professionals take a holistic approach, assessing the individual’s lifestyle, health conditions, goals and expectations.

How it works

SculptSure Laser creates hyperthermic (heat) tissue injury to adipose tissue (fat deposits)- causing fat cells to undergo cell death and be eliminated




Watch Cheryl Chin's Transformation! Body Contouring with SculptSure

"it’s been a wild journey, for someone who struggled alot in silence through my post partum journey, this transformation was what helped me mentally as a person to regain my confidence from within. So thankful for a lovely support system that backed me up through this journey"

Each treatment area measures 15x5cm- The SculptSure Laser can treat 4 areas simultaneously in 30 minutes in 1 treatment cycle. To treat a large area such as the abdomen (tummy), 8-12 treatment areas are required, which is completed in 2-3 treatment cycles (1-1.5 hours) For optimal results, a second treatment is recommended 4 weeks after the initial treatment
Price of SculptSure First time trial: $288 nett per area (up to 4 areas) Package of 8 areas: $400+GST (per area) Package of 16 areas: $300+GST (per area)
There is no downtime and clients can return to normal activity right away. Expect mild swelling and discomfort for 2-3 weeks in the treatment area. Final results are seen in 2-3 months after the initial treatment- with ~25% of the fat in the area permanently removed in one treatment.
Unfortunately, no. This is NOT a weight loss treatment, but a Body Contouring treatment that targets stubborn fat in clients with normal BMI
There are no major risks from SculptSure treatment. Minor adverse events may occur, there is a risk of burns, blisters, hyperpigmentation and nodules. The risk is minimized with proper procedure and patient selection, and if they do occur, typically resolve in 1-2 months.
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