What are Skinboosters?

Skinboosters are a broad term referring to medication injected directly into the skin to “boost” the appearance of the skin- by improving skin hydration, firmness and skin tone. They typically contain non crosslinked hyaluronic acid and may also contain antioxidants, minerals and vitamins aimed at improving skin health.

How do Skinboosters work?

The hyaluronic acid draws in water up to 200 times its mass to hydrate and lift the skin from within- reducing fine lines, dullness and giving the skin a soft and smooth appearance. Antioxidants, minerals and vitamins serve to lighten the skin tone and improve collagen production.

Why choose Skinboosters?

Skinboosters are a safe and low downtime treatment to achieve glowing, radiant skin. All skin types and most skin concerns can be improved with skinboosters. At Bay Aesthetic Clinic, we stock most of the popular brands of skinboosters, such as Teosyal Redensity 1 or Juvederm Volite.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Skinbooster treatment takes 10-15 minutes. Topical anaesthetic will be applied beforehand for 15-20 minutes.
No downtime and clients can return to normal activity right away. There will be mild swelling at injection areas which resolve within 2-3 days.
Initially 3-4 treatments a month apart is recommended, followed by maintenance treatment every 4-6 months.
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