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All about Ellanse collagen boosting injections

All about Ellanse collagen boosting injections

All About Ellanse(“少女针”): Full face rejuvenation with collagen boosting injections

written by Dr Bernard Tan, Jan 2024

What is Ellanse (“少女针”)
Ellanse is an injectable dermal filler and collagen biostimulator that restores facial volume, smooths out facial lines and firms skin. Ellanse contains30% polycaprolactone (PCL) microspheres suspended in a 70% carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) gel carrier. Popular in Europe and Asia, it has been nicknamed “少女针” aka young woman’s injection.
Ellanse Singapore Collagen Biostimulator

Ellanse Singapore Collagen Biostimulator

How does it work
Polycaprolactone (PCL) is a medical polyester which has been used for medical purposes for over 50 years- found in sutures, orthopaedic implants and wound dressings. In the body, PCL is gradually broken down by hydrolysis into carbon dioxide and water by the body. The PCL microspheres used in Ellanse are designed to offer optimal biocompatibility. They have a smooth surface, a spherical shape and a size of approximately 25–50 μm
Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) is a natural material derived from cellulose that is often used as a gel carrier for injectable collagen biostimulators (Ellanse, Sculptra, Radiesse). It functions to act as a medium for collagen biostimulator particles, and to provide short term volume replacement for 2-3 months.
Working together, the CMC gel delivers immediate results, while the PCL microspheres act as a biostimulator, to ramp up production of your own collagen over the next 2-3 months. This improves skin elasticity and creates a more youthful appearance.


Ellanse Singapore Collagen Biostimulator

Who is Ellanse suitable for?
Ellanse is suitable for individuals seeking facial rejuvenation, restoring facial volume lost due to the natural ageing process and tightening the skin. Most clients start doing Ellanse in their 30s and 40s when early signs of facial ageing develop.

Ellanse vs Hyaluronic acid based fillers
Ellanse has a longer duration of action (18-24 months) compared to the traditional hyaluronic acid (“HA Filler”) gel based fillers (9-12 months), with the added benefit of collagen stimulation and skin tightening. However, unlike HA Fillers which can be dissolved with the antidote hyaluronidase, Ellanse cannot be reversed. Ellanse is also not used in sensitive areas such as the undereye and lips. For clients getting fillers for the first time or considering treatment of the undereye and lips- HA fillers would be the better choice. For clients who have had HA Fillers before, liked the result and are hoping for a longer lasting treatment- Ellanse would be a good option.

Ellanse vs collagen biostimulators
The 3 Collagen Biostimulators locally approved are: Ellanse (PCL), Sculptra (PLLA- Poly L Lactic Acid), Radiesse (Calcium hydroxyapatite). These products have a long track record of safety and effectiveness. As a rule of thumb, Ellanse provides more volumisation and Sculptra more skin tightening effect. Radiesse can be hyperdiluted for treatment of the body and hands.

Safety of Ellanse
Ellanse received European approval (“CE Mark”) since 2009 and is also approved by Singapore’s HSA, Korea’s K-FDA and China’s health authorities. PCL and CMC have been used in medical devices for over 40 years and are classified by US FDA as “Generally Regarded as Safe”. Over 2 million treatments have been performed worldwide

Ellanse history and milestones


Contraindications for Ellanse treatment
Contraindications include allergies, major medical and dermatological disease, presence of permanent facial implant, active skin infection and pregnancy.

Ellanse contraindications for use

How many syringes of Ellanse do I need?
Each syringe of Ellanse contains 1cc of product. For treatment of a specific area (eg chin or cheeks), 1-2 syringes is required. For full face rejuvenation, most clients require 4-8 syringes.

Picking an Ellanse provider
Full Face rejuvenation with Ellanse is not cheap (costs an estimated $4000-8000) and is a long lasting treatment, so it is important to work with an Ellanse provider that is experienced, well trained and has a good understanding of anatomy and eye for beauty. Look for authentic, verified reviews on Google and During the consultation, ask to see sample before and after photos. Have a detailed discussion so that your provider understands your goals and preferences. Do not proceed unless you feel comfortable that you can trust him or her with your face! A reputable provider will never be pushy or pressure you into doing an Ellanse treatment.


Ellanse at Bay Aesthetics Clinic

Ellanse is one of the top treatments at Bay Aesthetics Clinic and a high volume of treatments are performed. Our treatment philosophy is for natural and subtle results, avoiding “overfilling” clients for a “puffy” look. For full face rejuvenation, we typically divide the treatment into 2 sessions, doing 2-4 syringes per session. This careful approach reduces the swelling and discomfort after the treatment, and our clients are able to return to normal activity right away without any downtime.


Ellanse Singapore Collagen Biostimulator


Cost of Ellanse in Singapore
Price of Ellanse M in Singapore clinics is $1000-1500 per syringe
Price of Ellanse M at Bay Aesthetics Clinic is from $1000 per syringe

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