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Guide to Understanding MOXI Laser Treatment

Guide to Understanding MOXI Laser Treatment

MOXI Laser Treatment is a US FDA approved treatment developed and trademarked by Sciton Inc (Palo Alto, California, USA). This 1927nm diode fractional non ablative laser delivers targeted laser energy to address a wide range of skin concerns. Ageing skin, fine lines, pigmentation, melasma, sun damage and dull skin.

Enthusiasts of MOXI Laser treatments include US celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, who recently shared her experience with the treatment on her social media “the MOXI Laser removes sun spots and sun damage. It didn’t hurt me at all. This is not a paid ad I just really love the results and want to share with you!”

How MOXI Treatment Works

MOXI is a 1927nm diode fractional non ablative laser that targets the water in the skin layer . It works by creating numerous microscopic areas of controlled injury in the skin. This triggers a rejuvenating wound healing process that causes the skin to generate new collagen and shed unwanted pigment. This results in smoother, radiant and firmer skin. This treatment can be performed in all skin types (including darker skin tones), all year round and is safe and effective for melasma.

The treatment is highly customisable and has 3 levels of intensity.

Level 1 treatment – a light “prejuvenation” treatment, suitable for a younger client (age 20-30) seeking to refresh the skin. No numbing cream is required and there is no downtime

Level 2 treatment – a moderate intensity treatment to revitalise and maintain, suitable for clients with more significant skin concerns. Numbing cream is recommended and skin will take 3-5 days to recover.

Level 3 treatment – a high intensity treatment that transforms and renew, for clients who have experienced a level 2 treatment before and are able to tolerate a longer downtime. Numbing cream is recommended and the skin will take 5-7 days to recover.

Common Skin Concerns Addressed by MOXI Treatment

moxi treatment for wrinkles

The MOXI treatment effectively tackles a wide array of skin concerns, including fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, pigmentation, melasma, acne scars, open pores, and uneven texture. This cutting-edge laser technology is safe and suitable for most patients, even those with darker skin types and recent sun exposure, offering a path to renewed skin confidence by resolving multiple issues simultaneously.

The MOXI Treatment Process

Pre-treatment consultation and assessment

A detailed consultation with a medical doctor is required before the treatment- the patient’s medical history and skin concerns will be reviewed and a treatment plan will be recommended. Pre-treatment photographs will be taken. 

The MOXI treatment session

A MOXI laser treatment at Bay Aesthetics Clinic takes an hour- topical anaesthetic cream is applied for 20-30 minutes, the MOXI Laser treatment takes about 15-20 minutes, then a stem cell serum containing growth factors and exosomes is applied for post laser recovery and Dermalux LED phototherapy is performed for 20-30 minutes

With topical anaesthesia, most patients describe the discomfort as minimal- with a pain score of around 2-3 out of 10. 

Post-treatment care and follow-up

The recovery period lasts for about 6-7 days. Days 1-3: skin will be red and sensitive. Days 4-7: Skin will feel sandpapery and dry. In the 7 days after a MOXI Laser treatment, patients will be recommended skincare containing growth factors and exosomes to promote healing and skin rejuvenation. Direct sun exposure should be avoided and sunblock should be applied before going out. Skincare containing Vitamin A, C and AHA/BHAs should be stopped.

Expected Results and Number of Sessions

Most patients experience visible results 2 weeks after their first treatment- pigmentation and sun damage fades, fine lines decrease and the skin appears glowing and radiant.

For excellent results, 3-5 treatments are recommended, with treatments performed a month apart. The patient’s condition is evaluated on a case by case basis and a personalized treatment plan is recommended.

Hence, after the initial treatments are completed and the desired outcome is achieved, maintainence treatment every 4-6 months is recommended.

Safety and Side Effects of MOXI Treatment

MOXI can be safely performed in all skin types, including darker skin types and those with a recent suntan.

However, potential risks of MOXI laser treatment include post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, melasma flare, infection and blisters.

Therefore, to reduce the risk of complications, a detailed consultation before treatment is required to identify certain high risk factors. After the laser treatment, a post laser skincare regime that includes stem cell growth factors, exosomes and moisturizers will be recommended to promote healing.

Comparing MOXI Treatment to Other Skin Rejuvenation Options

MOXI vs. Chemical Peels

Chemical peels involve the topical application of a chemical that breaks down the bonds between skin cells. This is useful for skin rejuvenation but carries the risk of a chemical burn. 

MOXI vs. Microneedling

Microneedling involves the creation of microscopic wounds using fine needles to trigger a wound healing process in the skin- this carries a risk of infection if not performed under sterile conditions

MOXI vs. Pico Laser Treatments

Picolaser treatments target pigment in the skin and should not be performed after a recent suntan and potentially can cause complications in darker skin individuals. MOXI targets the water content of the skin, making it “color blind” and suitable for darker skinned individuals or those with recent sun exposure.

Cost and Accessibility of MOXI Treatment

moxi laser singapore

To maximise results and avoid potential pitfalls, it would be advisable to seek out an experienced healthcare professional who performs a high volume of MOXI treatment. Bay Aesthetic Clinic is the first Medical Aesthetic Clinic in Singapore to offer the MOXI Laser treatment. Dr Bernard Tan, the Medical Director of Bay Aesthetic Clinic, has been appointed a Luminary (Trainer and Key Opinion Leader) by Sciton Inc (Laser company based in Palo Alto, California, USA)- he regularly conducts laser webinars and hands on workshops for local and international medical professionals.

Finally, the MOXI Laser treatment is an FDA-approved solution for fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, melasma, and sun damage. It stimulates collagen production, resulting in smoother and firmer skin. It is safe for all skin types, with three customizable intensity levels. Recovery takes about 6-7 days, and visible results appear after two weeks. Bay Aesthetic Clinic offers MOXI treatments, ensuring safety and maximum results. Experience the transformative power of MOXI and schedule your consultation today.

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