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Post laser care advice

Post laser care advice

Laser treatment, while generally safe, comes with a small risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation, blistering and skin infection. The 5 day period after a laser treatment is critical as the skin undergoes a regenerative process- taking good care of your skin will speed up recovery and enhance the results of the laser treatment.

What to expect: Skin will be red and sensitive, similar to a mild sunburn. Pigmentations may swell up and appear darker. There may be mild flaking or peeling. The healing period typically lasts 3-5 days.

General advice: Avoid UV exposure and protect the skin by applying sunblock of SPF 50 and above when going out. Keep the skin moisturized and clean, avoid contamination. Stop skincare and topical medications that may cause irritation- including Vitamin C, Vitamin A derivatives and Alpha/Beta Hydroxyl Acids.

Skincare: Stem cell condition media containing high concentrations of stem cell derived growth factors are recommended to speed up the recovery process and enhance the final result. Topical steroids may be applied to reduce inflammation.

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