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Ultimate Guide to Getting Bot0x in Singapore: All you need to know and Bot0x Prices in Clinics [updated 2024]

Ultimate Guide to Getting Bot0x in Singapore: All you need to know and Bot0x Prices in Clinics [updated 2024]

Understanding Bot0x and Common Misconceptions

What is Bot0x and How Does it Work

Bot0x is short for “Botulinium Toxin”- is a medication derived from purified neurotoxin produced by the bacteria Cloistridium Botulinum. First developed by Allergan, Bot0x (onabotulinumtoxinA) was US FDA approved for cosmetic use in 2002. Since then, other brands of botulinium neurotoxin have been developed and approved for cosmetic and medical use, including Dysp0rt (abobotuliniumtoxinA- Ippsen Pharma) and Xe0min (incobotuliniumtoxinA- Merz Pharma).

Botulinium neurotoxins (“Bot0x” for short) works by blocking signals between nerves and muscles, thereby relaxing the target muscle. Dynamic wrinkles on the face form due to overactive muscles of facial expression- treatment with bot0x would improve the appearance by reducing dynamic wrinkles and fine lines. Static wrinkles form due to repeated facial expression eventually causing permanent creasing of the skin- these do not respond well to bot0x treatments and require other treatments such as laser resurfacing.

False notion and  misconception about Bot0x

The most common misconception about Bot0x is that it will result in a “frozen” look. Current injection techniques and treatment dosages are aimed at a “natural” and “softer” look, with the client appearing less angry or stressed. This is achieved by using lower treatment dosages and performing the treatment in 2 stages, with a conservative initial dose and a subsequent touch up dose 2 weeks later.

Common Treatment Areas for Bot0x

Apart from cosmetic use on the face to treat dynamic wrinkles from overactive muscles of facial expression, Bot0x is also used to slim the face by reducing the size of the jaw muscle (masseter). Bot0x can also be injected into the shoulder muscle (trapezius) for a slimmer neckline, and into the calf muscle (gastrocnemius) for a slimmer calf. Medical uses of Bot0x include: treatment for teeth grinding and temporomandibular joint disorders, treatment for migraines and excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

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Figure 1- Treatment areas for Bot0x

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Figure 2- Mechanism of action for Botulinum neurotoxin

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Figure 3- Forehead lines, crows feet and frown lines are examples of dynamic wrinkles that form due to overactive facial muscles. Dynamic wrinkles resolve at rest, static wrinkles do not. Dynamic wrinkles can be effectively treated with Bot0x alone, static wrinkles require bot0x in combination with laser resurfacing or radiofrequency microneedling

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Figure 4: Bot0x injection into the jaw muscle (masseter) is a medical treatment for temporomandibular joint disorders, teeth grinding (bruxism) and has the cosmetic effect of slimming the face.

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Figure 5- Bot0x is a medical treatment for excessive sweating (hyperhidrosis)

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Figure 6- Bot0x can be used to reduce the size of the calf muscles

Why do Bot0x?

How Bot0x Helps in Delaying the Effects of Aging

Bot0x is the one of the most common nonsurgical cosmetic procedure worldwide- In 2022, plastic surgery practices performed over 3.9 million cosmetic procedures involving neurotoxins (such as Bot0x) in the United States alone! Bot0x delays the signs of ageing on the face by relaxing overactive facial muscles, eliminating dynamic wrinkles and softening existing lines. This makes an individual look less angry, stressed and tired- helping to maintain a natural and refreshed appearance. With a youthful appearance restored, self confidence is boosted.

In the famous “Bot0x Twins Study” (William J. Binder.Long-Term Effects of Botulinum Toxin Type A (Bot0x) on Facial Lines. Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.Nov 2006.426-431)- the photographs of two identical twins were compared. One twin underwent regular Bot0x treatment of her forehead, glabellar and crows feet (2-3 times a year for 13 years), while the other twin did not. Apart from Bot0x and skincare, both twins did not go for any other medical aesthetic treatments. Not surprisingly, the twin who received regular bot0x appeared to have aged more gracefully, with smoother skin and less wrinkles.

Bot0x in combination with other Medical Aesthetic treatments

Bot0x treatments can be performed together with other in clinic treatments for added effect- common treatments paired with Bot0x include Hydrafacial, BBL HERO, PicoSure, skinboosters or fillers.


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A comparison of a person's face Description automatically generated

Figure 7- The famous “Bot0x Twin study” comparing two twins- one who went for regular Bot0x treatment over 13 years and another who only had it done once. Who aged better?

Source: William J. Binder.Long-Term Effects of Botulinum Toxin Type A (Bot0x) on Facial Lines. Archives of Facial Plastic Surgery.Nov 2006.426-431.

When to do Bot0x

When is the right age to start?

When is the right age to start doing Bot0x? Is there an age limit on Bot0x? This is a question that is often asked. This depends on various factors, such as the reason for doing Bot0x and the expectation of the client. Generally, the typical Bot0x patient starts in his or her late 20s when dynamic wrinkles develop. Above the age of 50, skin laxity develops and Bot0x treatments need to be calibrated accordingly to avoid getting droopy eyebrows and eyelids.

Risks of Bot0x

Bot0x is generally safe, but there are some risks that need to be considered. When treating the upper face, especially in older individuals with pre-existing skin laxity, Bot0x may result in assymmetry or drooping of the eyebrows and/or eyelids. Often- the eyebrow or eyelid droop was pre-existing and was compensated by overactivity of the facial muscles. Resistance to Bot0x is caused by formation of antibodies that neutralise the effect of Bot0x- this is rarely seen with Aesthetic treatments due to the low dosages being used and usually occurs when Bot0x is used for medical purposes such as the treatment of neurological diseases such as spasticity (requiring higher dosages).

Where to get Bot0x?

Due to the potential risks of Bot0x, it can only be administered by a qualified medical professional who has underwent further postgraduate training (MBBS with Certificate of Competency, Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon).

Beyond credentials, it is also important to find a provider who has a sense of beauty, who listens and respects the goals of the client- the right chemistry between client and provider is essential and it is important to work with a provider you feel comfortable with.

The 3 locally approved brands of botulinum toxin- Bot0x (“Allergan Bot0x”), Dysp0rt and Xe0min are generally regarded by doctors to be interchangeable. There are differences in their characteristics such as rate of onset, rate of diffusion and duration of action- which is why most experienced providers will stock all 3 brands.

Bot0x Prices in Singapore [updated 2024]

Most clinics charge Bot0x per unit used, with prices depending on clinic location, provider experience etc

Bot0x price per unit $15-20

Xe0min price per unit $15-20

Dysp0rt price per unit $8-10 (note- 1 unit of Dysport  has the approximate effect of 0.5 units of bot0x, hence the price)

Per area

Another common practice is to charge a flat fee per area of treatment, with common treatments being the forehead, glabellar, crows feet

Different areas of treatment may be charged at different prices to reflect the anticipated units of Bot0x required

Touch up

At the 2 week mark, the full effect of the Bot0x treatment is seen and it is common to require additional units of Bot0x to “touch up” any wrinkles not addressed by the initial treatment. Most clinics charge for the touch up treatment.

Cheap Bot0x

Be skeptical of establishments offering Bot0x at unbelievably cheap prices! There has been a surge of illegal beauticians offering such illicit services in spas or rented apartments. Often the product used is not original but an unlicensed neurotoxin from dubious sources.

Reasons to do Bot0x at Bay Aesthetics Clinic

Bot0x  is one of the top treatments at Bay Aesthetics Clinic for several reasons- the convenient location in the CBD (a short walk from Downtown and Raffles Place MRT) allows office workers to pop in during their lunch hour for a quick fix! To provide clients with choice, all 3 brands are available (Allergan Bot0x, Dysport and Xeomin). Pricing is competitive and includes free touch up for wrinkles within 2 weeks.

Bot0x price at Bay Aesthetics Clinic:

Bot0x forehead/glabellar/chin

$180 for 1 session

$500 for 3 session package

Bot0x eye  (right and left side- 2 areas)

$360 for 1 session

$1000 for 3 session

Bot0x jaw muscle (masseter)

$580 for 1 session

$1600 for 3 session

Bot0x one vial (100 units)- $1200

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